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Terms & Conditions

Gift card issued by Google Payment Australia Limited Pty Ltd (GPAL). See for full terms. Users must be Australian residents aged 13+. Requires a Google Payments account and Internet access to redeem. Not usable for hardware and certain subscriptions. Usable for purchases on Google Play only. Other limits may apply. Card value expires 5 years following the date of (1) card issuance or (2) last activity on the Google Play stored value account to which the card is redeemed, whichever is the later. Except as required by law, card is not redeemable for cash or other cards; not reloadable or refundable; cannot be combined with non-Google Play balances, resold, exchanged or transferred for value. User is responsible for loss of card. For help or to view balance, visit

Google Play




Gift card value
  • $100 value for $97
  • $200 value for $194
  • $300 value for $291
  • $500 value for $485

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