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Short Term Holiday Home vs Hotel Stay

Looking for value for money or convenience?

So, normally people these days go straight to an app and start a search of where they want to go, but before setting off on an adventure have you given any thoughts to which is better… staying in a hotel or staying in Short Term Accommodation?

Firstly, it will depend on your budget and why you are traveling, obviously, if you’re having a holiday with the kids you might prefer the short term accommodation options and if you are in town on business, you might head straight to the hotel as the cost is covered by the company.

Next, you need to consider what your expectations are at the location that you choose? Do I want to relax around a pool? Do some wine tasting? Attend a show? Entertain the kids? Sleep in and get room service? There are lots of questions to answer.

Now you are ready to start your search but remember it is a very confusing world out there. Hotel or resort, motel or hotel, bed, and breakfast or self-catered, what are the terms and conditions? What are the rules about check-in and how strict is the check-out? Do I get a car bay? What do you get with an Airbnb that you don’t get going with

To take out some of the confusion we have broken down as best as possible the Pros and Cons of ‘Hotel Stay’ vs ‘Short-term Rental stay’.

Short-term Holiday Home Rentals


  • Value for money. Sometimes you can get beachfront apartments with multiple bedrooms for the same price as you can if you book a hotel. Plus you get your own kitchen/Kitchenette and living/dining space. You really do feel like you are in a ‘home away from home’ and the whole family can holiday together.
  • You can choose if you need to holiday with your pet or not, while some are specifically ‘Pet-Friendly’, some are not which suits those who suffer from pet allergies.
  • Fully equipped kitchens – cook most things and make your own breakfast when you are ready! The kitchen will never close and you can make it to order to suit yourself.
  • Any optional extras that you may require on your stay are usually available in-house and FREE of charge. You will need to read the amenity lists of the properties to get a full picture of what is actually available in the home. Laundry, Bathroom amenities, dishwasher, aircon/heating, BBQ outdoor dining, Gym equipment, swimming pool, Infant Gear, extra beds, bedding, towels, etc.
  • Self-Check-in means you are not bound by ‘Check-in’ arrival time… as long as you check-in AFTER check-in time allotted. Your entrance is via a keypad or lockbox and you will generally find a good welcome pack containing all the information to make your stay easy.


  • Pre-payment of total bill upfront at booking. Cancellation and transfer fees will apply.
  • Charge for cleaning. Some charge an extra fee, whereas others include it in the price.
  • No reception means that owners/managers may not be in close proximity to the property to tend to inquiries or issues promptly.
  • Short-term rental properties are not cleaned daily so extra purchases of toilet paper, tissues, tea & coffee supplies, laundry detergent, etc will need to be made, depending on your length of stay. Short-term rentals usually supply enough of these amenities for a 1-3 night stay.

Hotel Stays:


  • No extra charge for cleaning. This is inbuilt into the price of the room as well it should be and assuming your check it prior and it’s a decent 5-star hotel you will be happy with the level of cleanliness.
  • Hotels usually have a ‘Reception’ area where you can check-in with confidence, check-out your room, and have issues dealt with quickly.
  • Hotels have a ‘Concierge’ who can help you with your luggage.
  • Use of Hotel amenities such as swimming pools, gyms are usually all included in your price.
  • Your Hotel Room is cleaned and amenities and mini-bar are refreshed each day.
  • You can request a hotel room with a safe for passports and valuables while you are away.


  • The major CON for a hotel stay is… they take a credit card to cover any incidentals you may purchase during your stay. So you don’t need to carry your card with you but you also have to check that someone else hasn’t added items to your room charges. You can then pay for your stay and then relax at the pool knowing that it's all covered but will worry about the bill at the end if they have your card imprint!
  • Another CON is room size. There are times that I’ve opened the curtains to find the room doesn’t even have a window it's that small!
  • Expensive. Let's face it a good hotel is not cheap!
  • Not really suited for families. While some have connecting rooms they are not laid out for families with small children.
  • While hotels generally have laundry services, it is expensive.
  • Not PET-friendly.
  • No kitchenette, just a kettle, and some sugar sachets.
  • Wi-Fi is usually available but it costs extra and it is usually very slow and not secure.