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Tips on how to SAVE!

Are you looking for savings on everyday items?

To get more out of life you need to make every dollar stretch a little bit further... Sometimes that can get you labeled as a 'tightwad' or 'stingy'...but let's face it. It's THRIFTY!

Save where you can without missing out on getting what you want!

Here is a tip that you can start using today to save your money... and stretch it a wee bit further!

Purchase discounted shopping gift cards!

When you go shopping how much would you spend a week on groceries? Let's say it's between $250 to $350 a week. Did you know that you can buy gift cards cheaper than the full amount from some organisations but then take the card and spend the full amount at the shop? This could save you hundreds or even thousands over the course of a year....for example;

Let's say you spend $300 a week on groceries x 52 weeks in the year...that equals $15,600 per year on groceries (give or take).

If you bought your groceries and paid by gift cards you'd buy your cards at 4% Off. So a card valued at $300 would actually cost you $288, but you'd use it for its full value of $300 at the checkout. If you spent the same as above you'd actually get $15,600 of groceries for $14,976 a saving of $624 by doing nothing!

If you spend more than that, say you estimate you spend $25,000 a year on groceries, you'd save $1000 plus the bonuses on your rewards card at the check-out!

Members can purchase plastic Coles & Woolworths gift cards at 4% Off from our office - click on the links to find out more.

Members can also purchase discounted e-gift cards from our website click here to find out more.