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Your Go-To Place for Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems

Over 100 solutions for foot care, body chafe and sweat, and dry skin.

"We are passionate about the power of high-performance foot & body care, which we believe can change lives and transform individuals from a state of pain and restriction to a life of freedom and confidence."

Neat Feat Products provides high performance foot and body care toiletries for an active, healthy lifestyle. Developed by practising family physicians in Auckland, New Zealand, the Neat Feat range of sports toiletries has become a well established and well recognised brand in Australasia during the last decade.

Created in the sporting paradise of New Zealand - the home of All Black rugby, the Americas Cup and the most exciting action and adventure sports venues on Earth - Neat Feat Products are now exported to a total of 17 offshore markets.

Starting with Neat Feat, the world's first roll-on antiperspirant deodorant for feet, the simple, convenient and effective solution for foot odour, the company has developed an innovative range of toiletry products, all of which are effective and exciting solutions to the most persistent of problems.

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Neat Feat

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